Saturday, November 19, 2011

Solar-Powered Humans

We humans are the first solar-powered creatures in the world. I can substantiate this fact.

Firstly, every human being can work best in the day time. In fact, those people who wake up early and start daily activities at sun-rise are considered and have been proven to be few of the most efficient and effective people.

Moreso, as the day progresses, our ability to do things peaks by afternoon. Afternoon is the peak time for sunlight as well. Post afternoon, slowly our energy and will to "work" declines. Come evening we feel the need to head back to our home (recharge units).

It is common procedure for most (rational) human beings to sleep at night. Come night time, we feel the day's fatigue and feel the need to sleep (battery low). By the time each person approaches their average bed time, their battery gets completely discharged and they fall asleep.

Another fact that can support my hypothesis is that even though we may work on days when there isn't any clear sunlight (like typical cloudy monsoon days), we are gloomy, dull and sleepy. More technically speaking, our battery doesn't get the required charging. As such, the machine works dizzily!

So there it is. We humans are the world's (and maybe the universe's) first Solar Powered Moving models. All other machines are inspired products!

Hail Science! Good night!
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I like the idea, solar powered machines.
But what about nocturnal creatures like us grad students? I think it would be hard pressed to find even person who sleeps at a decent time at this age, and the security guards and the call center employees..??
Or maybe I should really start getting up early!! damn.