Friday, July 24, 2009

4:51 PM - 2 comments

Mission Accomplished!!

Since the past 3 weeks the "Mission Impossible" tune has been playing in my head. Then, yesterday the "Description Bees" completed the task, that was targeted to be completed by the end of the month, 1 week in advance. Now, I don't know how you would react to it. But, where I come from, that was a herculean task (3000+ topic descriptions) completed with time to spare. So BRAVO to us!

So, Mukta, Medha and Sayali, thank you so much for making this a great time. It didn't, really, change much of our regular day, but you'll were a good vent for the bickering and a good resource for research! Love you'll for that!

To the rest of my readers, article writing will be starting soon (has kind of started already), so stay tuned!

P.S: If you are wondering about the Chris Noth pic, stop wondering. It is just because I really like him and wanted to include him somewhere on my blog!


Thank you too, rashida. Loved your p.s the most

he hee... Well, yeah.. it was fun wasnt it? Thanks to you to as you were that booster dose every now and then ( even you cribbed about doing TD's sometimes) you kept us entertained ;)..not to say that u worked hard as well.. that was kidding.. loved your blog... :)