Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Riddance 2012, Good Bye!

It is my traditional New Years Eve blogpost. This time it is not about all the great things that have happened to me this year, but about how much all the horrible things have taught me.

Firstly, i have learned that it is not only love that keeps people close to you, but also how much you can tolerate thier nuances. Whether it is just thier personality flaws, or thier major character flaws. If you can tolerate it, look beyond it and find that one thing to respect, you can keep them closer to you.

Secondly, i have learned that rest and sleep are so much more important than the importance people give you. If you cannot take care of your health and sanity, you cannot take care of anyone. So always take care of yourself as well.

Thirdly, i have learned that whatever happens, I can get annoyed at humanity, pissed even, but can never lose hope in it. Till I am alive, i will stay positive and hope for a better turn for humanity and humans!

I have also discovered that until and unless you stay all tolerant and sweet, no one will bother about what bothers you. It is important to voice your choices and likes before you lose the ability to do it patiently.

I have also decided to get back to work, and realized that i can really make a difference to people's life, thinking and perspective for the better. I aim to keep at it.

Lastly, i am glad this year has ended. I hope 2013 comes with better lessons with happier and easier exams from life.

Happy New Year 2013 everyone. God Speed and God Bless!