Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Dear Dad

I was asked when he left,
Of how his departure affected me.
I said, "the man was my shield,
How could his absence not affect me?"

They told me that it was fate
Bound to happen at some point of time.
I said, "I agree
But does that mean that is shouldn't even disappoint me?"

They told me to be strong.
To hold the fort and move along.
I said, "he had taught me how to ages ago
Prepared me for war and even for a sing along."

There is nothing anyone could say
There is nothing anyone could do
His presence gave me life,
And, in some some way, is absence did too.

My father was a great man,
He had his flaws too.
He taught me to love myself,
And to love my neighbors too.

Today he looks at me from up above,
And I know he smiles whilst
I also know that when I miss him
A drop along his cheek does fall too.

"Oh daddy how I miss thee,
Thy teaching and thy love,
Whilst thou art away for now,
Surely thou art looking out for me from up above."

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