Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Product Review: Himalayan Brew Herbal Tea

Tea is such an important aspect of our lives na. Let me disclaim that this is one of the few products that I am not reviewing because it was sent to me by the brand, but because I happened upon it and am ethically compelled to review it.

Himalayan Brew Herbal Tea is refreshing and lightening at the same time. The tea contains rhododendron flowers, mint and tulsi. The combination not only makes the tea healthy, but also flavoursome.

I started having this tea 5 times a day and have seen visible improvement in my skin and overall mood. The detoxifying effect of the tea has shown considerable impact on my migraine problem.

The herbal tea is safe for pregnant women and those who are still breast feeding their children. For late night lovers, I have noticed that the tea can cut down the negetive impact of sleep loss to a considerable extent.

The Himalayan Brew Herbal Tea isn't high priced like its counterparts Wagh Bakri and Tetly. priced at just 150 for 500grams, a box of the tea can last a month comfortably. Making it economical as well.

I recommend this product highly, giving it a 4/5.

The only drawback is procurement. It is not easily procured. If you need help, shoot me a mail.