Friday, August 20, 2010

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Mai Na Kehti Thi!?!?!

Ever since I started dreaming of a prince charming, I had a set picture in my mind. 

>He has to be hot like Hugh Jackman
>He has to be courteous, romantic and old school like Leopold
>He has to be manly and awesome like Wolverine
>He has to be crazy and impromptu, yet smart like Jack Sparrow
>He has to get me the way Cyclops gets Jean Gray
>He has to be able to dance like MJ, Elvis and Shahid Kapoor, put together!
>He has to have awesome hair like Shaan
>He should be perfect, like my DAD

Wow... one would think I am too demanding. But, I always said that if I am made the way I am, there will be a man who will have all these qualities!

Who knew I'd get it all!!!! 


For all the other`ll know best, but for hair like Shaan...I`d second that. Patience and perseverence Pays.

He`s the answer to your June 22nd blog.

Amazing how intelligence is never a criteria anymore. No wonder human brain sizes have shrunk down in the past 500 years.

Is there not a single scientist who changed the world (Tesla for electricity, Newton for gravity, Einstien for relativity, Feynman for nukes..... the list goes on) who is worthy of wanting by a female? Contrastingly there is hardly anything bollywood/hollywood stars have done which is worth remembering for more than the duration of a casual cup of tea. Somehow in our culture acting like someone else for ludicrous amounts of money and for being drunk jerks rest of the time is worship worthy, whereas working hard and answering the mysteries of nature for the benefit of all mankind is well, sorta gay and geeky, I mean who likes those smug scientists right?