Friday, October 14, 2016

Are You Right in Drinking Energy Drinks?

Energy Drink | Bonafide Urban Chick
How often do you find yourself reaching out for an energy drink because “it is better than having a normal aerated cold-drink”? For some reason it just seems to make more sense to pick up something that boosts your energy as well as satiate your need for a cold-drink, right?
Energy drinks are dime a dozen and available at practically every general story. From being used in mocktails to hookahs they have seeped into our lifestyle quite comfortably. But is that a good thing? Just like tea and coffee, which boost us, energy drinks have their fair share of side effects as well.

Lack of Sleep: Most energy drinks contain caffeine which is a prime cause of insomnia. People are addicted to caffeine have a tendency to sleep less than 3 hours a day, which may help them get more done in the short run but cause them anxiety, chronic headaches and irritability in the long run? Lack of sleep has major implications on the basic functioning and wear-and-tear of the body and is the worst thing you could put your body through.

Excessive Nutrients: Most of us will say “What’s wrong with excessive nutrition?” Well, a lot. While it is absolutely great if this nutrition is derived from natural sources like fruits and vegetables, getting it from an artificial source will lead to your body to put in more effort into breaking it down and cause the release of more toxins. We all know that that is not the best thing in the world.

Sugar Sugar Sugar: Thanks to modern day research, it is amply known that excessive sugar in the system is going to do you no good. While it plays a major role in weight gain, excessive sugar also causes behavioural problems like impatience, lower tolerance, anger issues and insomnia.

Ginkgo Biloba: Most energy drinks contain Ginkgo Biloba, which when combined with Ginseng (which also most energy drinks contain) can cause heart trouble and chronic headaches. It’s like saying, the energy drink is really going to give you a headache!

Dehydration: Yes, you have the energy drink to quench your thirst, but the combination of the many ingredients in the drink are the cause of dehydration. Which in turn will make you have more and more the drink and amplify the many other side effects they cause. You see the drift here?

Addiction: Energy drinks are addictive. So, if you are planning on replacing your drink with an energy drink at the bar or mixing it with your vodka, it’s strongly suggested to you to re-think your options. Energy drinks contain amino acids, which in excess from an artificial source will cause you to feel light-headed for a bit. The feeling is great and you will find yourself reaching out for the next can in no time. When mixed with alcohol which is a depressant, the energy drink which is a stimulant, prove to have several adverse effects on your body. The most common of the lot is sudden pain in the chest and chronic heart problems.

 Listen, you could disagree, and I completely support your right to do so! But this post is not to negate energy drinks, but to understand that their consumption needs to be in moderation!