Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Dinner for one, please!!

A very dear friend of mine, once told me that one of the fundamental differences in men and women was that men have absolutely no problem in going out and eating at a restaurant all by themselves. He does it at least once a week. It helps him clear his thoughts. I, on the other hand, choose the company of my very close women friends to achieve that. I tried the eating out alone thing, but i left before i even place the order.

That night i had a though, are women that uncomfortable with the idea of being alone? Is that why we choose to socialise and agree with the double-standards of being escorted. Heck, women seldom ever go the the ladies room all by them selves. Why? Why is it that women are more at ease when in company, agreed its the company of select few, whereas men are more particular about having thier space.

Men hate going to parties stag, mostly. However, thier dates change every so often. And even during the party, they choose to hang out with thier friends and be able to check out the women, while the women make attempts to be checked out.

Then i wondered, are these wierd paradoxical behaviours the reason why men and women co-exist and fit, or are they the reason why the battle has just never ended? Or is it both? Is it that opposites attract, or is it that they enjoy it thanks to the option of distance and the benefit of mutually understood communication?

These are few of the never answerable questions, simply for the fact, that if and when someone chooses to answer it, a person of the opposite sex, questions the answer.


These emotions has got nothing to do with the gender, I don't feel that these emotion you are talking about are particularly of the specified gender.

well your post itself answers the question and questions the answer......

eating at a reatorent all alone is a very fine idea.
y gals need someone with them
i dont know
but i think men are food maniac than women, a general case i observed
a solitude may helping them to enjoy food

gals always see food connected with others, our culture also biological

see a mother feeds her baby...realy i cant put
but thinks men n women hav seperate psychological backgrounds

you know what???i've never really thought about it, but it's very logical...

bang on... coundn't disagree... and yaa I guess us we as women are to be blamed for a lot of the double standards...

your blog is beginning to sound like Carrie from SATC!!

lol... i kno... in retrospect, even i felt that... dono how that happened... but the crux of the matter, do u agree wid it???

if men and women were to be alike, there wouldn't be any spark b/w then .. lets face it (and not to sound very cynical here) .. the human race survives because of their misery ! :P hope i didn't go overboard here :)

these look like articles u wrote - not buzzle ones u posted
prospective empolyers would be able to see through this

to Mr. Anonymous... this one is not an article... it is a blog.. so the flow differs to a massive extent... more so.. i don't know which ones did you like more... but either ways.. they are all very special to me.. and just knowing that you read them gives me encouragement... thanks!!