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The Bad Business Man- Short Story

In the present time, in an industry that is ruled by creativity, ethics, and politics at the same time, one particular urban idiot decided to start his own business.

He was young and ambitious. But what he lacked was intelligence, ethics, business morals, professionalism, an indepth understanding of the business and overall common sense. He wanted to start a magazine of his own in the hope that one day he will be rich and famous and all the ladies of the land will be standing at his door, waiting to see but a glimpse of his face.

He started off with the dream. But after two years of toiling in the weirdest and the most wrong ways, he was still incapable of seeing his dream come true.

Then one day, after lots of prayers and probably a few animal sacrifices too, he found the contact of a content writers. He decided to atleast start with one writer. He called her.
"Hello, is this Raine Queen?"
"Yes, who is this?"
"This is Sander Baton. I need a content writer. You are a content writer?"
"Yes, but what exactly is the nature of the content you need?"
"I am starting a magazine. I need articles for that. Can you write and give?" He was now nervous. This was his only possible option in these two years. Would this work out?
"I understand Mr. Baton, but I will need more details. More so, I am incapacitated due to health, so cant get out much."
"No problem, if you dont mind, I will come to your residence and meet you." He has to make this work some how, he thought.
"Okay then. I will text you my address. You can come by around 10 am tomorrow. We can then discuss it."
"Okay madam. Thank you!"
Finally, he thought, this could work.

The next morrow, he met Raine Queen. He took along one of his minions. He was nervous and having a familiar face there would help. Raine heard him and his idea out patiently and also surmised that he still needs to learn a lot about the field.

Being a passionate worker, Raine agreed to not only write some content for the magazine, but also find other talents wordsmiths and picture clickers (photographers) who would help make this naive individuals dream come true. Raine asked his to send her a scribe with all the details of her agreement with him. He humbly requested her to start with the work, he would in time send the scribe. Trying to trust the lanky fellow, Raine obliged, excited to work on a new project.

Over the coming fortnight, Raine single-handedly, from the confines for her humble abode found wordsmiths and picture clickers. she helped them all mold their products to make them perfect for the magazine. She used contraptions and technology and in no time had content for the magazine ready. In the meantime, she still hadn't received the scribe with her agreement. But, at this stage, being so involved with the magazine, she no longer cared for a mere scribe. This was now her baby!

By now she informed Sander Baton about the need for a special goldsmith who would be able to put all of these products into the magazine in a beautiful and correct manner. Sander, who had lazily left everything to Raine, and not bothered to do anything till now, was shaken.
"We need a goldsmith too? Couldn't I have a locksmith do it instead? I have an acquaintance."
"No dear sir", she patiently replied. She was by now, used to his highhanded attitude and unwillingness to do anything. "We will need a goldsmith, else the shape of your masterpiece will not be appealing!"

After much insistence and force to attend the weekly professionals high tea, Sander found a bright goldsmith who was passionate and intelligent. He organized an audience between the goldsmith Kaila Seer and Raine. Together Kaila and Raine created the visual design of the magazine. They often asked Sander to help but he always complained of having other tasks that needed more attention.

Over the period of a week, Kaila and Raine, along with Kaila's team created the masterpiece magazine. They then presented it to Sander.

"What is this? I don't like it. It won't work." Was his response at first glance.
"What is the matter sir? Could you elaborate? My team has stayed up several nights to bring this to you." Kaila kept her patience and inquired of him
"It is hideous. Change it all. I simply do not like it. This is my magazine and it has to be the way I want it!" He bombarded the two ladies.
"But sire, if you could tell us what exactly has hindered your approval, we could specifically work on that!" said Raine.
"If I need to tell you, then why have i hired you. You must simply make it better for me. I am giving you the gold for it. Then what is the matter?"

By now, Raine and Kaila and realized that they would have to make the improvements by somehow fathoming the workings of his twisted lazy mind, on their own. In the meantime, it was time for Sander to pay Raine the periodic amounts of gold for her work. When she asked for it. He simply complained of being too stressed and delayed the payment.

After many more nights of delayed slumber, several personal commitments ignored, Kaila's team and Raine presented another model for the magazine. Within that was mentioned that Raine was the editor, a position she deserved and did all the work for.

"Raine isn't the editor, I am. You must change the scribe accordingly!" He said to Kaila
"But sir, Raine has done all the work. It wouldn't be just to take away her credit." Kaila tried reasoning with Sander.

When Raine found out about this blasphemy on the part of Sander, she immediately spoke to him.

"Why am I not the editor? I have done all the work while you simply slept and complained like a whiny little child!" She had now lost her composure due to deep hurt.
"No, I am the editor. Just because you did some work, I cannot give you the lime light. It shall remain as I say. You must also make sure that out of all the articles you have written, you select the best, and give me credit for it!"
"I cannot do that. That is my work. How could you ask that of me?" Raine was not completely shaken with the behavior.
"This is how it will be!" Sanders now spoke with an air of authority.
"Fine then. I resign from your service. However, none of my articles will be published in the magazine. I refuse to give you the intellectual right for it." Raine had now made up her mind.
Sander got scared. Without Raine, he wouldn't be able to make his dream come true. He knew that everything was her hardwork. What would he do?
"Then I refuse to pay you any gold for any of the services you have done." Sander now had to try and save the situation without losing his ego.
"You can keep the gold! My self-respect means a lot more to me."

Raine had the last word!

Post this conversation, Raine told Kaila of the incident. Kaila, concerned about getting Raine her due, and the same for her and her team, spoke to Sander. She tried reasoning with him and telling him that it was all Raine's hardwork that the magazine had reached the stage where it was. Sander, now lost in his insecurity and negative narcissism wouldn't stand for it.

Kaila then spoke to Raine, to console her and see if there was nay way in which to work it out. Over the weeks, Kaila and Raine had developed a friendship. However, on seeing that Raine wasnt being unreasonable, and the fact the Sander was unethical and unjust enough to not only take her credit, but not pay her for her work either, Kaila decided to leave the matter there and then. There was nothing she could do about it, she thought.

After a few days, Sander found another person to work with him as an editor. He thought he would use the team Raine sourced out. He had to replace Raine. But none of the wordsmiths and picture clickers agreed to work with Sander after they heard about his injustice with Raine. Sander was left high and dry, with a dream on the verge of coming true, but his lack of ethics and morals hindering its materialization!

Moral of the Story: A good businessman does not necessarily have to have all the abilities. But one thing he should be able to do is appreciate, value and reward the efforts of those working for him. Else, sooner or later, he will be left the way Sander was.