Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Breast Predicament

I wonder what I did wrong when I chose to have mammary glands!
which I'm sure I chose, since I'm held accountable for it.

They want to hold them in their hands
and some can't take their eyes off that tit.

 Most times they want them covered up.
often they don't even look away from them when they ask me "what's up"!

Don't they realize that cleavage isn't a big deal?
Its not an eclipse who's glimpse you must steal.

They want them big, some like them small
but whatever the size, they are lusted after by them all.

It is the breasts, that some say, lead to rape
they are the ones, who I think, are lesser evolved than the ape!

Look, mister misters, my mams are mine.
And if you think it makes me lesser than you, then you are every bit a swine!


Hahaha. Great except the signing out. They are yours. How does any guys opinion matter to you, swine or whatever

For a woman this blog post is interesting as well as inspirational.