Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why My Son's First Movie was Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Yes, we had to try having Burhanuddin watch movies in the theatre. Isn't it a major rite of passage for any child? And yes, his first movie had to be a Salman movie because he loves Salman!

But i am really glad that this is the movie that he started his cinema journey with. Because things are better with pointers, here are the reasons. 

1. The movie has Salman playing Pawan, an innocent honest man who can stand up for those whom he loves and can protect them fiercely. This is a quality that I would want my son to adopt.
2. Shahida is a cute Pakistani girl who may not be able to talk, but does has a strng sense of intuition. She knows she can trust Pawan, but also refuses violently to go with the "agent"! Every child should be encouraged to trust and hone this God given intuition.
3. Pawan may be crossing the border sans passport or visa, but he still refuses to go without permission. So much so that he risks his life, but doesn't compromise on his principles. I have always taught my son, and will continue, that when on the right path, stay strong and keep faith. Nothing wrong will come to a man who is right!
4. Pakistan may be another country, but their inherent values are the same as us. While I am fiercely patriotically Indian, I also refuse to hate Pakistan. They are almost the same as us, then why the hatred?
5. Chandnawaz uses his skills and untapped talent to help Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and chance helps him do it even better. This will teach my son that one doesn't always have to be the protagonist to be the hero! Help when you can and you will be a hero all along!
6. Rasika may not have played a very vital role otherwise, but she surely is the catalyst that encourages the change in Pawan to make him look beyond impressing her father and carry on with helping Shahida urf Munni. We all must have the vision to look beyond our immediate gain and walk towards the greater good.
7. Last but not the least, Pawan fails graduation 10 times, but tries the 11th time to finally succeed! do I even need to say why this is an important lesson from the movie?

Yes, this is a mommy review! But I wait for the day when we start having movies that help our children be better people. Then we know, we have a better future!

PS: Salman has impressed me in this movie, but the Harshaali Malhotra simply blows my mind! Girl you have great talent. Continue being an actor, don't try to be a star! (yes, there is a vast difference)


Outstanding movie.. True actor Salman is revealed not just the star Salman.. Thou other love them both.

Outstanding movie.. True actor Salman is revealed not just the star Salman.. Thou other love them both.