Friday, August 1, 2014

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PR PR All the Way

In the world of advertizing and branding, sometimes audience can be a fool. I handle a few entertainment blogs, and as such I keep getting these press releases about different production houses and movies. most of the times, it helps me know about teasers, trailors, song releases etc before its out to the general audience, but then there are also time when it works well to inspire a blogspost of my own!

Gone are the days when movies made news when they released. These days, productions houses want to cut to the chase and be in the "surkhis" early on itself. Romantic movies ensure that there is "buzz" of the lead pair dating, horror movies speak of paranormal activity on the sets and Raja Natwarlal speaks of how Emraan Hashmi can also con people quite well!

Not that we mind all this, it is quite entertaining, but sometimes I wonder, do people fall for this? I mean, for romantic movies and Raja Natwarlal types toh theek hai, its normal buzz in town. But for the horror movies, do people actually believe it when the Pizza 3D chick said that she experienced a light bulb flickering and the curtain flying after she heard the script, and a voiced that urged her, a Friday the 13th born, to take the movie? Like, really???

Being a news maker and release strategist myself, I find such news items to be the lowest of the lows. Like, aur kuch nai mila kya? But if you guys fall for it, then it seems to be floating their boat just fine!

No offense intended to anyone, just expressing my curiosity here! I love reading such news as well!