Monday, July 21, 2014

Book review: Spinning Top and Other Stories by Sameer Khan

This book explores a completely new style of writing. Sameer Khan focuses on giving us stories sans the clichéd morals.

For a change, a Writer doesn't tell us how to perceive the story and allows us to draw our own conclusions. The anticlimactic endings may seem a little abrupt, but they hold space for individual thought. Be it Raghu's real identity or Bharti's hidden sensuality, how you judge it is your choice and Sameer doesn't intend to take that choice from you.

There is use of many "big words" which could hinder the reading for some. But the light structure and direct storytelling make up for it.

The book is good for those who read in bits and pieces. If you're a "novel" fan, then don't bother!