Thursday, December 29, 2016

Elvis Has Left The Building

And the tears you gave me
are nothing compared to the pain
I tried to laugh it off
but each attempt in vain

No, I will not hold it against you
holding a grudge isn't me
So then I'll simply say good bye
and with my pride, leave the party.

It doesn't matter that you have changed now
it doesn't matter that you care
Your needs and wants and desires have been left behind
So has your intense stare

You said that it is forever
but, baby, forever's come and gone
I, then, realized that this was your game
and I was just a lowly pawn

No, I won't hold it against you
for you don't matter no more
Elvis has left the building now
as well as the nearby alcohol store!

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Woman's Warning

I may be a girl
but I sure as hell am not weak
I may be a lady
but I can do more than i speak
I may be a woman
who can bear your future 
But I am a person
a person, not a freak!

You think you can intimidate
and scare like a child
Oh, you don't know my temper
it is rare, but not mild
While I can birth
I can kill with equal ease
If you cross me the wrong way
I will do much more than just tease

It may be a joke for you to laugh at
but sexist comments are a bane for me
While you simply say and let it go
it is a scar insane for me
I don't know why you think that you will get away with it
do I look like someone who will forever live with it?
I will take myself and the comforts I bring
and move away from your traumas, in joy I will sing

It isn't running away when it is the harder thing to do
it is a choice, for even a woman must do what a woman must do
I think it is best if you get your act together soon
else the repercussions in the near future will turn you a loon
We all wish only the best for you because it is our nature
but things can change, as I can see in the near future
mothers, daughters, sisters and wives
don't forget, these are all real lives

So stop playing with us, you morons of men
you don't need to be a cock just because she is a hen!

I may be a girl
but I sure as hell am not weak
I may be a lady
but I can do more than i speak
I may be a woman
who can bear your future 
But I am a person
a person, not a freak!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Book Review | Myriad of Emotions by Revathy

Before I get started about this book, let me tell you, do not judge it by its cover. The cver is fairly subtle, but the story line reverberates the name, it is a myriad. Something we all know, but seldom think about.

Revathy is a seer of sorts, and that maturity shows, to a great extent, in her writing.
Myriad of Emotions is a lovely story about two women- Nainika and Chaturvi. (I know, lovely names, right?) Nainika is a daughter of old, ailing parents. She belongs to a school of thought that believes that children have to serve and look after their parents, forsaking their own dreams.

When the time comes for her to choose between her future and her parents, Chaturvi enters her life. Chaturvi not only sows her that her dream, and the progress of her family is important, but also brings in a new chapter in the lives of Kaushalya and Vasudevan- Nainika’s parents. 

I loved the book so much, I would just put the story down here! But I won’t! I would suggest you read it! Every woman, every man, every parent, read it! it will lead to you clearing up the negative air to a great extent, in your lives!