Saturday, November 12, 2016

Book Review | Myriad of Emotions by Revathy

Before I get started about this book, let me tell you, do not judge it by its cover. The cver is fairly subtle, but the story line reverberates the name, it is a myriad. Something we all know, but seldom think about.

Revathy is a seer of sorts, and that maturity shows, to a great extent, in her writing.
Myriad of Emotions is a lovely story about two women- Nainika and Chaturvi. (I know, lovely names, right?) Nainika is a daughter of old, ailing parents. She belongs to a school of thought that believes that children have to serve and look after their parents, forsaking their own dreams.

When the time comes for her to choose between her future and her parents, Chaturvi enters her life. Chaturvi not only sows her that her dream, and the progress of her family is important, but also brings in a new chapter in the lives of Kaushalya and Vasudevan- Nainika’s parents. 

I loved the book so much, I would just put the story down here! But I won’t! I would suggest you read it! Every woman, every man, every parent, read it! it will lead to you clearing up the negative air to a great extent, in your lives!