Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Mother is a Feminist

There is nothing she can't do,
No challenge she can't fulfill.
I have never seen her easily tired
And when I act like a jerk, I get duly fired.

She fearlessly stands up for what she believes in,
And has taught me to do the same too.
Thanks to her I don't judge a girl,
Just because she speaks up or has a tattoo.

She taught me to respect every human being, woman or man.
I have seen her do for others as much as she can.
She cooks and cleans and runs errands as well,
But because she enjoys it and not because she is a servant called by a bell.

She respects my dad
My dad respects her.
And when they tease each other
There often is a tiny spur.

They are like the best of friends,
Because both are equal and neither is at a lower end.

My mother is a feminist,
I think it’s really cool.
Because that has ensured that
I'm not an egotistical, misogynist fool.