Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Book Review| Nirbhaya & others Who Dared

I am not a big fan of non-fiction books. I prefer my reading to be my escape from the complications for the real world. nonetheless, there are times when a book comes by that can change your choices temporarily.

On the bookshelves where lay half-brained books like Half Girlfriend, there was a book that i just couldnt keep away from. Nirbhaya & Others who Dared is a breeze of cold air on a hot day that shakes you and sends a shiver down your spine. It is a revolution through reality that doesn't jar, but shows hope!

With stories that show you how trauma and violence doesn't ensure that a woman's life is ruined, this book resonated with every principle that i live with. it is fearless, just like it's name. In this  book, Nirbhaya lives! i know of rape victims who survived, molestation victims who succumbed to drugs and a wasted life, violence survivors who tasted success and women who have beaten every attack that has come their way. this book is a salute, a lesson and a reality to all those women!

Like all the other reviews I write, i will not give out much. But one thing that i am going to do is tell each woman to grab a copy and read, and tell every man to read so that he is shown the mirror to the harsh realities of his gender.