Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Reasons Why My Child Will Not Watch Happy New Year

It is a feel good movie, it made its money, it is all laughter and fun, but you know what, my kid ain't watching Happy New Year. Here's why:

1. An honest living is not a choice you DON'T make: Charlie goes about winning and losing fights to make money despite that fact that his father worked tirelessly to earn enough to make him an engineer. Charlie's lifestyle choice is the worst thing that he could do to his father's memory.

2. Just knowing english doesn't forgive your sins: Mohini forgives Charlie for all the crap he says about her, questioning her character and dignity, just because his apology (and an insulting one at that) is in english.

3. Blackmail Hacking and is never the right way to go: With Shahrukh taping intimate moments of the WDC India Judges, and then black mailing them our "hero" is setting a bad example about conducting oneself when in possession of intimate information. Is that how we want our children to use the info they find? What's more, after their abysmal performance they out-vote the deserving teams by hacking into the system. Because anarchy is the way to go, right?

Yes, it is a feel good movie despite all of these factors. But I question SRK, would you, a person who worked hard to get where you are, approve of your son resorting to such antics? And Deepika, with all your fight about a woman's dignity, how can you be such a hypocrite? This is not behavior you endorse? They why agree to a movie that makes you a role model for such unbelievably unacceptable crap??


We should have a money back offer for such movies... Intact such movies and movie makers should not be encouraged.... Their movies should be boycotted...the amount of effort they put in movie promotion I am sure even if they put the same effort in delivering a good movie that would be justified.. These morons are fooling the viewers time and again.. It's high time they fix this.

Good points. I wish we did not have to think that movies were something to learn from. I miss the times when we could go for movies to forget your daily grind and just have fun...not to learn moral values from them. For those reasons I agree with your comments but I also think that its good to leave brains at home when going to watch a hindi movie and just have pure fun.

The movies of these days are crap and no more. 3 reasons (why my child shall not watch HNY) given by RSHIDA good. In reality there may be another 3 reasons to support her. Over all standards of current day`s movies are all time low!!!!

the movie is an outright comedy - please take it in that spirit! its like some of the ads that are done in an exaggerated and melodramatic way...