Saturday, October 11, 2014

Facebook and Perception | A Socio-Communal Experiment

For long am I an observer and student of an individual's behavior on communal matters on social media platforms. The opportunity to gather some concrete findings presented it self when Eid-Ul-Adha and Karwa Chauth came by withing a short span of time. 

Procedure #1:
For Eid-Ul-Adha, I made a communally offensive post, in a discrete manner that got a few likes and one comment.

On analyzing the demographics of the post, it became clear that the people agreeing with me were those who hold either a different communal faith, or a similar mindset. however, There were many who agreed, but refused to be vocal at the cost of seeming extremist. Simply because any Muslim who holds up his faith these days gets tainted as an extreme fascist.

More so, it is acceptable for one to go about "offending" "his own" faith if he wants. because everyone likes to read some one bitch about the beliefs they follow.

Procedure #2:
For Karwa Chauth, I made a joke about a sexual act having a better impact that the Karwa Chauth Fast. This post had hate comments pouring in like crazy.

On analyzing the demograhics here, I found that people who absolutely disagreed refrained from commenting. The sent me a personal message telling me how insensitive, disgusting and disrespectful my thinking about such a divine custom is. Some who found the post funny, liked it. Some came out and admitted to their dislike for the post.

This time, the difference was that I was "attacking some one else's faith" and so all the gloves came off. Most of them came with the angle that we should not disrespect anyone else's faith, and some simply blamed me for not being able to "see" the sanctity of the custom.

The simple reason for wanting to conduct this study was to get to the know the innate nature of the "broad-minded" individuals in our vicinity. Those who could handle the joke for what it was, responded accordingly and let it go. They did not let this become a matter of war.

I had also posted another post one day before Karwa Chauth showing my affinity for the custom. This post saw only mediocre engagement as I was depicting positive attitude, just like most others.

Despite there being some common commentors and likers, the fact that the "joke" didn't mean to offend was not taken into consideration. In fact, there is actually a blatant show of unlikeliness to participate in the custom here .

The Reason for the Study:
I am sure many must be wondering why I would do such a study. The answer is simple, to unfold the closeted carvings of an individuals mind. The reason for putting up the findings is to let us know that people may not be against you, but there are darker crevices to the persona that gets impacted with the lightest ripple.

 "He who gets disrespected will be disrespected." So we need to stop taking offense and keep a sense of humor about all things that are out of our control, or of some one else's perception.