Friday, September 12, 2014

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Rashida Intellectual Branding's Intellectual Make Over

I have always been a staunch believer of mind over matter. Functionality and reason always ace looks in my deal. That is why, when it came to Rashida Intellectual Branding to evolve, the effort was dual and ideas were flying all over the place! The concept for the Logo Evolution revolved around an intellectual make over.

Getting a makeover doesn’t always mean that you didn’t think you looked great before. But there often come times when your entire personality grows, making you desirous of a more appropriate and more fabulous look. THAT is when a makeover happens!

The same logic applies to our logo change! Yes, our previous logo was fairly nifty too. It encapsulated our core concepts. But now that we have grown, learned and evolved, we felt that if was needed to change our look. And surely, it is a good look.

The Seal stands for trust! You could recall the ones in the movies, it's featured in Three Idiots too! The wax seals that are still used to ensure that confidentiality isn’t breached is our motivation there.

The blue stands for creativity, positivity, dependability and commitment; all of which we promise our associates. They say that just sit a person down in a blue room and just see the innovation and creativity flow.

The fonts are both serif, to show how serious we are with the concept of timelessness. In a market when sans serif is the trend, we choose to go with the ever green serif fonts! (this may not make sense to everyone!)We will not play by the trends alone, we can create trend setting brands!

In case you are finding the words Latin and Greek, serif is a font that has slabs at the tails of the alphabets. Sans serif are fonts without those slabs. The latest trend is to use sans serif fonts. But these fonts are not globally timeless, not as much as the serif fonts at least. They look nifty, but the look tends to carry a lightweight attitude with it.

The logo is essentially circular, because creation is a never ending circle. And the fact that all the content is within it, is a mark of our commitment to ethics. We may break the rules sometimes, or even avoid playing by the book, but our ethics stay intact!

That's the story behind the logo evolution, in brief- It's Intellectual!