Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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An Accident I Saw

It is amazing how the "behti Ganga mei haath dhona" syndrome works in India. The beauty is that it is the same everywhere.

Coming to the story, Raj (my husband) and I were going to our regular nariyal pani wala for my weekly dose of the natural delight. It was right when we were taking the U-turn for the nariyal pani walas stall that we saw a car and a truck standing bang in the middle of the road.

Raj stopped the car at the side and went to see what happened. By the time Raj reached the spot, quite a few people were gathered and loud-volumed expletives could be heard quite easily.

What had happened? The truck driver was drunk. Driving a heavy vehicle in a drunked state caused the natural inertia to have greater impact. When the tiny (compared to the truck, obviously) Wagon-r came in front of it, the poor guy couldn't control the truck in time. No, there wasn't a big ugly crash with people lying bloodily on the road. It was a small impact of the front of the truck, on the butt of the car.

So, before you know it, the car owner was blowing the scene out of proportion. The drunken truck driver was spell-bound. The public was taking this opportunity to beat someone up and dish out "aye kya re".

The car owner was probably looking out to get moolah for the damage from the transport company.

The thought that came to my mind was, why the scene? Why the yelling? And why the mandavali with the transport company owner? Wouldn't it be the RIGHT thing to call the cops, get the truck driver arrested for drunken driving IN A DRY STATE (by the way), and then ask the insurance to take care of the damages?

Why don't people go the legal way? What's with all the stupid, logic-less greed? I mean, wake up, smell the coffee, and be a responsible citizen! Bade aaye white-collar banne wale!
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