Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Its been exactly 4 months and 14 days since the last time I spoke to my dad in person. Today is his birthday, and somehow the emotions are on an all time high.

I am just glad that I had a chance to tell my daddy just how important he is to me before he left me for good. Yes dad, I miss you a lot. It is unbelievable that life is still going on without having you around!! You are my King and will always be. I guess no man, can be just as amazing and perfect as you. You are an awesome Dad and no one can match up to that. 

You have taught me a lot. Yes, I now know how alike you and I really are. From this day forward, I promise to try and follow your footsteps and lessons as much as possible. This is my promise to you on your birthday!! 

Love you dad, you will always be with me, I know that!! Happy Birthday once again!! Hope you're having a rocking party up there!!


it was touching...amazing :)

i'm sure he got ur msg and is always around u...

I'm sure he got your message and is always around you.

Very well written... and I m sure he must be really proud of this Phoolan Devi cum writer :)