Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Can You Hear Me?

For a very long time, I have believed in Karma. It has been an association I have built since I didn't even know that it was called "Karma". However, they say that in the pond of Karma, one has to keep contributing, without that want to get beck. My question is, if it works that way, what is the sense in putting in? 

We all know the basic principle of Karma, what goes around comes around. So clearly, no one is doing good selflessly. I believe selflessness is the single most selfish act that a human and indulge in. We all know that if you do good, good comes right back to  you. So then, where is the selflessness?

Anyways, be it to get back good in return or not, I have done only good to all I know. Done my bit to help out my peers, been honest, respected people sans prejudice. So where is my Karma? I am not saying that my faith in the concept is wavering. Oh no it isn't. But my patience for it surely is. 

I may seem a little intolerant to my readers as of now, but lets analyse this, shall we? I am not saying that the good has never come my way. Oh no, mashallah, I have lead a good life so far. But some how, that strike of good luck, that gets people from A to C, takes me till B only. So when does that boost up?

Too many questions. An endless wait for the answers!! In the mean while, I live my life! Ciao!! 


Yes, i know for sure that whatever you have done for everybody is for their good and u r one of the most selfless person i have come across. But ya for now patience is the only thing which u need at this point of time... Like i always say, "It will happen" :-) love ya.. Cheers!!!

"Selflessness is the single most selfish act that a human and indulge in."
Like "Practice makes a man perfect but nobody is perfect so why practice?"
BTW nice thoughts and thinking on the Karma!