Monday, June 21, 2010

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To all my friends,

If you'll think that it is compulsory for me to consider your every whim, my command!! News Flash!! We are friends and the act works both ways! You want me to hand you a tissue when you cry? Then get ready to shut up when i need u to!!!

My life does not revolve around you'll all the time, you know! I may be conscious about your needs most of the times. But there are times when i need you to either shut up or say something that does not include the many problems that you are facing. I don't mind being your agony aunt!! But I am not bound by a contract to be that all the time!!

In case you think that I have changed, and "ATTITUDE" has become a part of me! Think again! i have always tolerated your tantrums. Heard you out when you needed to vent and cracked stupid jokes when you needed a mood change. So now its time for you'll to know that there are time when i need the same from you. I am not asking to be the prime importance in your life (like most of you'll have expected from me). All I am saying is that when i am busy, I am not doing TP, I have a life and priorities! So just get that and deal with it!!

I needed to get this message across to all my friends who expect me to chat with them all the time when they are online, and expect me to remember dates and events, and handle their mood swings. You'll are still very dear to me! So just shut up when I ask you to, and chill!! I will be back to my  "normal" self soon!!!

All the best for life!