Saturday, March 24, 2012

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I Riddle Thy Mind

Mr. Lal was having an early walk. He had just crossed a bridge when he saw a crowd of people. Rushing to them, he found that they were crowding around a dead woman. Lal was a famous detective. He took the case and started his investigation. The woman seemed to have come for an early walk, too. Seeing her handbag lying nearby, Lal ruffled through it and found what he wanted - her identity card. Her name was Lakshmi, and her house was about a ten minute drive away. Her number was also written on her card. Lal phoned the given number.
"Is This Lakshmi's residence?"
"Yes. And I am her husband. What do you want?"
"Sir, your wife is dead."
"What! No way!"
"Sir, come here quickly."
About ten minutes later, a car pulled up. The husband got down, and on seeing the woman, rushed to her and started crying. Lal was about to console him when something flashed in his mind. He quickly had the husband arrested.
Can you tell why..??!

Leave your answers in the comments section. The one with the first, and best answer (with explaination) gets a shout out on twitter. Leave your twitter handle in there too!
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Hey. This has kept me guessing the whole weekend. I'm guessing, why would the woman take her purse with her for a morning walk and obviously the husbands reaction was not enough for him to actually be her husband. Agghh. Am like the worst detective ever.

@anonymous commentor: lol, you are the worst detective ever. but that's not necessarily a bad thing! ill put up the answer on the 1st of april! try attempts till then! :-) cheers!

The husband had come in the expected ten minutes ("her house was about a ten minute drive away"). In the telephone conversation, Lal had not mentioned where the wife was. But the husband seemed to have known where and had come directly to the spot. This made Lal suspicious.

@vikas... can i have your twitter handle??

Vikas cheated. He copy-pasted from BRAINGLE. How pathetic. I got the answer on my own, but I guess Vikas is the victor. For now.

See here, Rashida. Vikas got the answer exactly from there. Not meaning to be cruel or a kill joy, but I don't like it when people cheat just for twitter shout outs.

Hawwww Vikas!very bad! ICA, please give me your Twitter handle, ill give u a shout out nice and loud! Mine is @rashida_k