Monday, April 19, 2010

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Quote Me, Unquote Period!!!!

For any writer worth her salt, being quoted is a BIG deal. The phenomenon envelops you in a feeling of pride and accomplishment like none other. I am going through a similar feeling.

I describe myself as a fairly bold and optimistic writer. As in, if I find that a certain word would be far more convenient to use at certain place I will use it, even if it is not a real word. After all, it is us writers who give life to words, right? Similarly, there are several quotes I came up with. Soon, I realized that the only one who can start quoting me, is me. Hence, I started quoting my self in my articles. Here is a list of my quotes till date. Let me also inform you that several people have started using these quotes in their essays, write-ups, blogs etc. Trust me, the feeling is unbelievable!!

"A heart devoid of the light of love is dark, but it still beats, in anticipation"

"Love does not need a 100 words to express, just a loving heart and 3 words, "I love you""

"My love knows no bounds, for it has conquered all, just to get to you! "

"Life is full of attachments, so being single is a state of inadvertent denial"

"There will be no silver lining without a dark cloud, nor will there ever be a rainbow without a spell of rain."

"A man in love, is just like a woman, only in denial"

"Love is not an easy task. It takes the heart of a lion and the mind of a woman to get through it."

"While I thoroughly love my life, I am looking forward to death, just like the end of a really gripping book!"

"I love my job, not because I am good at it, but because I don't have an option not to be!"

"Being lost is often the prerequisite for finding oneself"

Well, this is all that I could find on google as of now. I am sure that there will be many more in the future. Feel free to quote me on any of these. A request though, always mention my name (as a citation) when you use it. 

I know that I have updated my blog after a LONG time. But I just needed a break from blogging. Will update more often now. This is where I sign off. Cheers!!


Fab.. simply awesome.. i loved all the quotes mentioned.. each quote has such a deeper meaning. personally i loved the quote that said.. Love is not an easy task. It takes the heart of a lion and the mind of a woman to get through it. I must say extremely amazing quotes.. loves em all..

thanks doll...
ur favorite quote is one of my favs too.. all though i love all of them.. so.. thanks... mwah!!!

hey girl... good job... keep writing... its good to know i'll always have something nice to read online too... hugs.. mwah...

Bliss....whenever i read ur blog...please be regular :) cheers

Nice One Ms Khilawala ... :)
loved them all... :)