Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1:32 PM - 4 comments

Random Questions that Temporarily Haunt My Mind!!

Some one just asked me to list out 10 random questions in my mind at that instant. These are the questions that came to my mind. Reading them back made me realize how truly random I can be.

Readers can answer these questions in the comments section if they please.

  1. Why does everyone have to wanna make a lot of money
  2. Why am I one of them?
  3. Wouldn't it be nicer if people in india adopted a child each?
  4. Why do Indians have prejudice against Pakistanis?
  5. Does afterlife really exist?
  6. Can't I just go gay?
  7. What if dragons still existed? wouldn't horses go out of business?
  8. Is the education system responsible for the lifestyle vices entering a persons life early?
  9. Was cinderella really as pathetic as she seemed, or was she just a smart girl who knew the right story to sell?
  10. Why don't men have more brains and less testosterone?
So, my blogdosts... comments and answers please!!!


hahahaha..."testosterone" hahaha...cant stop laughing...get married ul be answered ;)

crazy stuff!!!! but donno the answer to any one of them.. try Google ;-) lol!!!