Monday, February 8, 2010

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15 Things All Men Should Know About Women!

15 Things that all men should know about women, ALL women!

  1. No matter how smart we may be, if we like you, we will make fools of ourselves. Just because we want you to see our silly side.
  2. We know what you are thinking, but we prefer to have you say it.
  3. We may have a bad boy fetish, but it is really the good that we see in him that attracts us.
  4. We may test you by throwing ourselves at you. But we will like only the guys who will still ensure "safe distance"
  5. If we like you, we just need you in our life, not necessarily as boyfriends!!
  6. We may be dangerous and wild to the world, but we would still want you to protect us.
  7. We will appreciate your concern, even if you are rude about it!!
  8. We like to be able to hold your hand in public. This way, we mark OUR territory!
  9. We may hate it when you show that you are jealous and possessive. But we hate it even more when you don't feel it at all.
  10. Complexity is a feminine forte. We are born with it. So, do not expect us to see the simpler side of things very easily!
  11. If you have our minds set on a certain thing, more often than not, we will get it!
  12. You may think that we like to dominate, but we hate it when you allow us to do it.
  13. We can be amazing Damsels in Distress, only if you are a good Knight in Shining Armour.
  14. If we don't like a "certain person", bitching about that person gives you bonus points!
  15. Just because we like  you, does not be that you are allowed to walk over us. If we see you do that beyond a certain extent, we hit back. BAD!
These are 15 things that I try to get my guy friends to understand about women. Acquaint yourself well with these, and you should not be as lost as you are with women!

P.S: If you disagree with any of these, you free to do so in the comments section. In fact, I would really like a discussion about this!!


i thought funny was the way to go... Now i cannot do the knight thing, i can never be the chivalrous type.. i can be the tall and nerdy one. have any tips for me?

absoultely... I guess this will give the hint to all those men out there, what they really need to be like.. Cheers!!!

Very true. It's like you summarized an encyclopedia about women in just 15 lines. Thanks for making us aware about these points...

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