Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Science, Evolution and Men

I am back baby, with a new post to really rock your world.

A few days back, I read a tweet that informed me that all feotus are infact female. It is a little later that the Y chromosome kicks in for the male child. This is the primary reason why even men have nipples, despite the fact that they have no need for it at all!

On giving further thought to this simple fact, it is simple. Girls come first. Now, extending this fact to a general state, females are the default gender of the feotus. Hence, it is simple, women came first, then men.

Now, coming to simple spirituality beliefs of the start of the world, it is believed that God first made man, right? However, God and science cannot differ at such a basic level. As the story goes, first Adam was created, then from his rib was Eve created.

These 2 and 2 put together lead to the conclusion that all spiritual books are slightly mistaken. Which is fine, considering that, essentially, they are all human beings and allowed to err.

Here is my theory, bringing a merger between science and spirituality and adding a dash of evolution.
"God First created Eve (the female). Then he added another rib (Y chromosome) and was Adam created." Simply stated, the reason why men are considered to mature after women (proven by psychologists) is because they develop after women. Or rather, start pre-birth development after women!

I know that this fact will be very difficult for people to accept. However, being ahead of my time, I am used to this. Nonetheless, feel free to let people know about this, and disagree with it as well!

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Religious books are not 'slightly' mistaken. They are delusional by most parts.

I'm a man and I definitely have use for my nipples.

@ HoeZaay, you may have "use" for them, not an essential "need" for them! right?

Intact Information!!!!

Nodoubt the foetus are the female.
Even no one will deny the existence of the peculiar organ (ie nipple) is false

Let us also agree for some instance,
that "Girls" come first and before the "Boys"

Then the question may arise that, why then the deligation of the maturity was transferred

Let us consider again that men are considered to more mature...

Certainly the word "mature" in the above statement sounds bit ambiguous

Is his mature maturity is in terms of,
is it in with respect to Power the Strength?