Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bill ya Baal

This evening our family went for dinner. It was at our favorite restaurant, Upper Crust. It is our comfort restaurant and one place where we always over-eat and leave full and heavy.

So there we were, having placed our order and waiting for our order to get delivered, and the table ahead of us became the cause of quite a commotion.

The scene was such:
The protagonist (or possibly antagonist, in this case) was an out of towner who was visiting with a couple of regulars. She probably saw a tiny hair in her plate, AFTER SHE COMPLETED HER MEAL! She called for the manager, refusing to talk to any of the other employees.

When the manager arrived all hell broke loose in the wake of this woman's wrath. She started jabbering away. She went on and on asking the manager for an explanation. Which, in my opinion, would be tough to give, hai na! So there the manager stood apologizing with a bent demeanor.

She went on to saying that the Times Award that the place got is insulted being associated with it. She said that the place was a sham, banged the table and continued behaving like a complete over reacting broad!

Lastly, they left without having to pay the bill.

I found that the reaction was rather uncalled for. The restaurant is a popular and respected joint. It was known for its international quality food and service. As such, such a ploy to eat free food is so cheap!

Once they left, our food arrived. It was absolutely yummy and hair-free!

Things people do these days, just to show that they matter. Sheh!!
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I think she was just trying to get a free meal!