Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Messiah or The Dictator

I am back! The blog post regularity rate seems to have accelerated. I guess it is a recurring pattern that needs to be studied. But, as of now, we shall not be bothered by it. Why? Because, today, as I was doing my weekly kitchen cleaning another idea struck my mind! If I do not share it, I will lose it. And boy, will that be a great loss!

What am I? Am I a messiah or a dictator? Now, I know most of you may think that I think too much of myself. Well, I do! What you think about it really doesn't matter to me! So, yes, coming back to the question, am I a messiah or a dictator? I have a tendency to always think differently from others. My thoughts are mostly either considered outrageous, far-fetched or point-blank stupid. Also, I have seemed to have caused crazy upheavals in people's lives.

This question is asked keeping a particular example set in mind. Jesus and Hitler. Why have I selected these two? Well, let's see:

  • Firstly: Both of them came at a time when people were comfortable in their lives. Some were more comfortable, some less. But, basically people were getting by.
  • Secondly: Both created massive upheavals in the world. One came as the son of God, and one came as a leader. Both caused a series of changes in people's behavior and belief systems.
  • Thirdly: Neither of them seemed physically intimidating. While Jesus had a very soft and loving "my child" demeanor, Hitler was a shorty with a Charlie Chaplin mustache. Let's face it, sans his popularity, if he met me on the road, I may just slap him for kicks!
  • Forthly: Neither of them had unanimous following, Both of them were loved by some, hated by some and some simply didn't bother to care. Still, their words, thoughts and actions have changed the way the world functions.
  • Lastly: They both truly believed that what they were doing is right, and stood by it no matter what. The legacy of both is still a mystery and that is what upholds their substance till date. 

Oooh, one more, both have books to their credit. One is a religious best seller (The Bible) and the other is a philosophical gold mine (Mein Kamph).

So there, they both have a lot in common. So what sets them apart? One's actions were ruled by His patience, love and tolerance. He died to show that he will never bow down to hate. The other's actions were ruled by his lust for power and his hate for a certain clan of people. He always showed that he will never bow down. Period.

While Sorting, Harry Potter was told that he could be great in Slytherin as well as Griffindor. What made the difference was the choice he made.

"We are not defined by what we can do, but by that which we CHOOSE to do!" Going by this golden rule, I choose to be The Messiah!

Think about it, it will be fun!