Saturday, January 28, 2012

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The Pedestal

Inspiration... the beauty of it is that it can come from the most unexpected places. This post is about a certain thought that has been a recurring visitor to my mind. Something that leads me to get fired up enough to turn female Anna Hazare (sans the hunger and the ugliness).

Men have always put women up on a pedestal. We are the goddesses, the Devis, the lady-lucks, the one force that can bring back a dead husband from the clasps of Yama! While man think that this is an empowering factor, I am forced to see the clear and very clever manipulation behind these.

Don't get it? Let me explain. Women are put on a pedestal, said to be the strength and the personification of perfection. As such there is an underlying pressure on every woman to be perfect. By saying that we are the "bosses", the men slowly take us out of the driving seat and make us unconsciously dependent on them. Once the lady has gotten comfortable depending on those strong shoulders, the expectations start to increase. Women, being emotionally driven, try to deliver. Then, the orders begin. By now, we are just so used to it. That's it, they now have full control. More so, if we ever behave out of the "expected perfection", it is treated like a sin. So, we will practically KILL ourselves just to stick to a man's definition of PERFECTION!

Whoever said that women play mind games? Who said that we manipulate? I have seen men to be more manipulative and cruel. We may try to occasionally influence men through our soft touch and sweet voice. But, our emotional attachment and conscience will seldom let us cause any damage to them, just so that we benefit.

I am not saying men are bad. Oh NO! WE love you'll. We all complete each other, don't we? But please, if you have put us on the pedestal, don't expect us to just stay there forever. Let us be imperfect and let us live the way we WANT to!

PS: If you didn't get it, you're probably a guy! Chicas, if some of you didn't get it, wait it out, you will!