Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mentality Retardation

In a time when psychological situations (I choose not to call them problems) can be well understood and defined, I have come to find one particular condition quite common. In spite of the fact that technology is at its peak, nothing is impossible for mankind any more, the concept of Mentality Retardation is becoming glaringly common. It is not a condition a person is born with, it is not caused due to physical damage to the body.

What is Mentality Retardation?
Mentality Retardation can simply be explained as a condition that causes a person to think regressively all the time. They will always compare "what is" to "what was". They do not do this for feeling better about themselves (which could be popular belief). They do this to continue telling themselves that "the time is gone". They choose to believe that "what was" is the only way thing "should" be.

Types Of Mentality Retardation
Mentality Retardation, like any other retardation is three types.

1. Zero Mentality Retardation: This type is for those who choose to be in the time which they physically live in. For example, in the year 2012, their thoughts with regress back only till 2011. Beyond that will be considered as time gone by. They will look back at it as nostalgia, to learn from mistakes and for light conversations. This type is not unhealthy and commonly found.
Not needed.

2. Mild Mentality Retardation: This type is for those who choose to regress back to a limited period of time, and for limited reasons. For example, in the year 2012, their thoughts will go back to any time that brings back good memories. These people prefer to live in past glories. Their development will stunt due to this, and depression and frustration can be caused as well.
This type is a little unhealthy. But with regular motivation and counselling, it can be cured quite easily.

3. Major Mentality Retardation: This is a very dangerous type. It is quite common as well. In this type, the person chooses to regress back in any time that is opposing the current time in a specific field. For example, in 2012, in the case of pollution, they will regress back to 1987, in the case of corruption, they will regress back to 1947 etc. A person suffering from major mentality retardation doesn't necessarily regress back to their own memories, but to anything they may have read, heard about or seen in movies. They always believe that the other is better than what they have. This type can cause major mood swings, relationship problems, depression and a general inefficiency in endeavors. They will mostly choose to look the other way from happiness.
Treating this kind of a mentality retardation can be quite difficult. The person has strong psychological defenses and denials. More so, the slightest argument in favor of the retardation, in any way will regress the treatment further. The only way to treat this condition is to take the person out of their comfort zone, expose them to a world that is either mild mentality retardation driven or zero mentality retardation driven and then have them interact with people in a fairly controlled environment.

While not much research has been done on the subject, the cause for mentality retardation can be assumed to be a serious blow to the person's EQ (emotional quotient). Mild and major mentality retardation could be caused due to a person either having the need to regress in order to feel good (mild mentality retardation), or in order to scratch the itch about having something to complain and feel bad about (major mentality retardation).

Negative Mentality Retardation is also a type. This is the kind that has the person think and look ahead of their time. While most people "suffering" from this condition are seldom valued in their time, the contributions they make to humanity, make a big difference.

While much research has not been done on the subject, (I am fairly certain that I am the first to think about it, or at least the first to put it clearly in words), the research will continue.

Hopefully, we will all get to live in a world of negative and zero mentality retardation. Where people believe in moving ahead, only looking back at good memories momentarily!


very true... but times are certainly changing.. with the right motivations and correct balance between Zero Retardation and Negative Retardation will bring the right acceptance and success...

Dont worry about promoting research for above... such people are the only ones who are clear Winners... Howzzzat :-)