Friday, January 2, 2009

2008- 2009

Happy new year!!!
Yesterday, as I wished a very good friend of mine he started smiling, seeming very amused by the fact that I wished him "Happy New Year" on the first of jan. As usual, thanks to my curiosity, I asked him what exactly had amused him. He said it was the fact that 'one date, that has been in existence since approx. 15000 years makes every body so excited and happy' he said it comes every year, its no surprise, but still everyone goes about wishing each other as if thier life depended on it.

That got me thinking. Was he right? Were we that desperate to have some reason or justification to our need to celebrate? If yes, is that bad? I would say, no. I think its great that even in such trying times (economy, law & order, peace etc having gone down the drain this year) everybody can find ways, means and methods to be happy. To spread a little bit of joy.

A lot of my friends did not party in thier usual style. They drank very less (some had the most sober new years eve ever this year) but they concentrated more on meeting a few chosen people. Spending a little time, having conversations and sharing the joy. I believe, that the current generation of Indians has definitely matured in 2008. Towards the end, we have all seen enough adversity to realise the strenght of maturity and optimism.

For me, 2008 was a wonderful year. There were a few bumps along the way, but in rearview, it seems like an awesome road. I met many wonderful people and made true friends, for life. I learnt a lot and (i hope) touched the lives of many. This year, I truly did walk out of my (so-called) comfort zone, and I saw, its an awesome place to be in and to be out of.

I just want to thank everyone who has touched my life in 2008, you have made me a much better person than I was in the start of the year. I also want to apologize to all whom I may have hurt, I never intend to hurt anybody, so please take it as a mistake.

As of now, 2009 seems like a long road, and the fog has reduced visibilty a little, but the smell of fresh flowers indicates that the beauty of life in the next year, will be nothing less than the beauty of spring in its true glory!!!



Excellent post Rashida..

Keep it up..cheers!

HAppy new year... its the bad experiences that always add to our maturity... n make us value the good ones...

Nice post !!

Happy New year...

Thank you everyone.... Happy new year to you as well!!!

Hi.. Rasida,
Your post really touched.
excellent & mind blowing..keep it up.

thank you for the comment Mahadev....