Monday, January 12, 2009

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A fight against writer's block!!!

Well, I have been going through a very different type of a "Writer's Block" lately. So i decided to challenge it and just start typing!!

Today I read Aamir Khan's blog (more like a website). I think he is just so so amazing. The way he connects with the readers is mind blowing. His writing is so conversational and, at the same time, completely appropriate. He responds to each and every comment made on his posts and not just the courteous "Thank you! :-)" but often leading to conversations. I think he is just amazing and awesome at a level that i don't think any actor or producer can ever reach. It is quite a pity that DDLJ didn't star him!!!

Lately, a very wierd thought has been making regular visits in my mind: Is it better to keep mum about your feelings for someone rather than telling them outright at the risk of loosing them forever??
Often in case of friends, one friend tends to develop feelings (of love) for the other. In this case many-a-times one can not decide whether or not to tell the friend of what they truly feel for the fear that the latter might start avoiding them.
I can only think of two reasonable resulting scenarios:
1) Your friend might give a relationship a chance as they, obviously, don't want to break your heart and also feel something for you (which they might or might not be very certain of)
2) You tell your friend how you feel. If your friend doesn't feel the same way about you, you both can accept it, deal with it and move on, without letting it affect your friendship in anyway.
Easier said than done, but one will never know till they try.

I have been taking English sessions lately and having quite a blast at them. I have always been into communication training, but for the first time I am realizing the importance of adequate communication on a person's personality.

There is a girl who attends my sessions and I can somehow know (woman's intuition) that she is very intelligent and smart. Nonetheless, when asked to give her opinion she can not express herself at all. She has lived her entire life in a household where she was not allowed to give her opinion, about anything (let alone, been asked for it). This is when I realised how much my lifestyle and upbringing has to do with the fact that, today, I can speak and write my mind at my very own free will. It is a very sorry state for that girl. I can not even imagine not being able to voice my self in my house. The only reason why her father enrolled her for tuitions, is because they are now planning to get her married, and because of the fact that she does not talk, it is becoming difficult for them to find a suitable match for her. I can not believe that this is still happening, in a day and age where there is barely any social differentiation between men and women!!! Unbelievable!!!

Anyways, I have to take your leave now. Have to get back to my studies!!!



dunno about aamir khan, but I connected with this post.

thank you... glad u liked it... but i must say, ur profile, no where, states ur name.... can i know ur name??

Good thoughts.... Aamir has been fantastic with his blog and apart from being interactive he has been accomodating...


quite a blog...nice! :)

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