Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Days gone by!!!

A very dear friend of mine added a few pics on orkut, reminded me of the one year of my adult student life that I have enjoyed to the hilt and shall remember forever!!

ZPA!! CA PE-I, technically one of the toughest courses to crack. A year filled with memories that we all were so enthusiastic to make. A year filled with new friendships and new lifestyles. The only year that I can recall studying all night long and still having the stamina and will power to go to class at 7 in the morning (though the class started at 2). The chai at Dave's and the coffee at E-splice. Spending time practicing dance moves and fashion show choreography. Solving accounts problems together and fathoming economics. Entering the library, just to realise that we were a clan too loud for it.

A group so large that bunking class was never discreet. The teasing that went on to details that even professors would find out, and getting teased by your favorite professor in class. Silly jokes by Prof. Joshi and scribbling profanities and doodling wierd dialogue in the margins of the book. Doing random calculations on your friends' hands and the calculator races. I know we might seem like nerds, but we were the coolest kids on the block.

That one year was filled with so many emotions, that I am sure many (like me) actually matured at that point of time. CA was so important for all of us that we very conveniently bunked college for it. Helping each other stay up at night by missed calling every half an hour and then complaining of lack of sleep in the morning. That one year gave me friends whom I can count on for life. Making desperate calls to each other at 3 in the morning because a certain balance sheet just wouldn't tally, only to find out that "dude... you missed the second entry of the third adjustment!!!"

The wierd movie sprees at Alka and the comments on the people who came there. I still remember how seriously we took the "Days" during CA. Dressing adequately of each specific day. Sometimes looking like total dorks, but heck, so was everyone else. Wall- Mag and its contents were taken seriously and so was the stationary advice by the store-keeper. ZPA was the only time after school that I have truly bonded with people at that level, in that manner.

Those days were truly fun, when being a child was licensed and being an adult was mandatory.

Those, truly, were the best days of my life!!!


this post has just taken me down the memory lane, I think we all cherish sweet memories of our collage days, for life time....!!!

so much true...i always wanted to write something like this...but what to do !!! i cant find words for my memories...thanks did it for me :-)

Thanks yogesh and archis... its true that nostalgia can hit anytime... and it always leaves a smile on one's face!!

Each day is as best as other and was made to call it a day.

beautiful.. i can imagine myself writing the same post one year down the line...

Rashi... :) Its absolutely fantastic.!! yeah "it definately leaves a smile on one's face"...

I too loved ZPA during my CPT days... It was a fantastic feeling to be there..! !
Good Blog... It will keep those memories fresh...
Actually that was the institution which led strong foundation for the Professional Course..! !