Friday, September 5, 2008


ven alone, have u ever thought,
that deep in your thoughts, you get caught.
you think, n you wonder,
you pry, n u ponder.
about your past actions,
and its manifold reactions.
about the times you cried,
as wel as the times you tried.
about the times you succeeded,
and the ones who had you deceeded.
ever thought of the truimphs you have had,
and of the times you were just a little lad.
of the happiness and the joy,
and of the times you were coy.
yes, its wonderful to be lonely,
when its you, n you only!!!!


though i'm saying this for the second time but..
"loneliness is when u are with no one.. solitude is when u are with your own self.. "

thanks for the comment jatin, ur very right that solitude is wat should have been mentioned in the poem... but i take the poetic freedom of having all right to manipulate meanings a little to maintain poetic effect and balance!!!

thanks though!!!