Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Deciding Factors

I recently realised that all people one knows cannot be called their friends. As a matter of fact, all friends that one has cannot be called friends either. A certain individual needs to, in my opinion, primarily and fundamentally possess 3 basic characteristics to be a good friend.

1) Loyalty: This pretty much is a quality that one invariably seeks in a friend. Friends are the family we choose to make on our own. a degree of loyalty is required. Friends stand up for each other when required. Often one finds them selves saying "It doesn't matter if I am right or wrong, just be a friend, be supportive!" It is one of the primary prerequisites, in my opinion, for a friend to be completely loyal to a friend. Follow the bro-code if you know what I mean.

2) Monetary generosity when needed: A friend in need is a friend indeed. The best of friends will seldom have a tiff with regards to how much one of them spent on the other. With friends, we seldom think before spending for the other or lending money when they are in need. Nonetheless, when in a friendship one takes advantage of the other's generosity, that friendship isn't true. One should never let money be a barrier in any way.

3) An ability to keep a secret: Personal Diaries are mostly a thing of the past. People prefer discussing important intimate things with thier closest friends. If in such a case, a person is not capable of keeping your secret, then that individual does not deserve your friendship and loyalty. Secrets have been a part of friendship since forever. But, only a true friend will truely keep that secret. Wise people say "Do not keep one who cannot keep your secrets to themselves"

I have been filtering my friends on the basis of these conditions and I have observed that the one's with the above characteristics certainly add a great deal of value to my life, thier eccentricities do not matter then.

Cheers to all those who I still call friends, you'll deserve my friendship an I am pretty sure I deserve your's. This post has been dedicated to you'll.


another thing... During the most horrible of spats the person on the other side should know when the limits are being crossed.. when the other person is getting hurt... I 've had the worst of spats.. and more than anything else this is what affects me more...