Sunday, October 11, 2015

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Movie Review: The Pianist

While watching the pianist, I couldn't help but relate with wladek. Being forced to live a certain way, no communication, no fresh air. At the brink if death, hope shows a sign and the act takes some more time.

Yes I'm not in 1940's Poland, but I am in a digital era equivalent of it. Where there are conspiracies, vested interests and a whole lot of politics censorship and curfew.

When will we humans change? When will we stop trying to own and control and conquer? When will we learn to borrow, and flow and share? Heck, we dont even bother to open up about alterations in clothing, let alone anything else!

The world is at the brink of death, i kid you not. Soon, relatively, armageddon shall strike and that is when YOUR priorities will stare you in the face and bid you goodbye in the eye of the storm.

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