Friday, September 14, 2012

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Do We Celebrate Depression

A recent observation about hindi cinema made me realize that there is a certain level of celebration of depression in it. From old hindi movies to the current cinema, a level of depression and sadism is celebrated in cinema.
The patent hindi cinema recipe used to be "hero meets herione. After a series of serendipitious events, they fall hin love. Madly in love, they see dreams of the future and promise togetherness for eternity. No sooner, the zaalim zamaana and paapi sansaar come to know. The girl is then forced to get married to someone else. The other man, though loving, is not her lover and cannot handle the changes. Both and hero and heroine lead a life of denial and depression."
What was often not noticed by many was that the side characters were mostly happy. They never stressed and had a let-go attitude. They not only had the heart to accept the love of the hero and heroine, they also had it in them to sacrifice their feelings and walk away with a smile.
So who here is the real hero? The one who drank, denied and was depressed, or the one who smiled even with a broken heart?
Maybe we need to stop romanticizing denial and depression. Maybe we need to realize that letting go is a better way of being happy, not holding on.
Mass media affects the mindsets of generations at large. If these movies start having the right perspectives, may be we can grow better as civilation on the whole.
Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are correct. If you don't agree, you are wrong!

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