Sunday, April 7, 2013

Opinions and Assholes

We have all heard the quote "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one". But what when the one having the opinion is an asshole? It kind of turns into a meta-quote of sorts, doesn't it.

I am very active on twitter, and fairly opinionated too. For a long time, opinions on twitter were considered, even if not agreed to. If someone really disagreed with something, they'd simply ignore it. However, like every luxury, social media also started getting abused.

The sad part is that educated internet users tend to get so racist and communal with their updates. Not only do they make updates that are communal or derogatory to a belief, they seek people out and make it their mission to troll and stalk them communally or on the basis of a difference in opinion. They don't stop at just that, they get personal!

Just today I blocked another such educated illiterate. I am not asking for people to adopt each others faiths, but atleast have the common decency and humanity to respect it. And if you can't, then ignore that person. What is the sense in trying to pin them to the ground? People try to prove their superiority by trolling. They forget that superiors don't troll, they take what they like, leave the rest and move on!

Communication is the backbone of world dynamics. With the way we humans communicate our opinions, I fear a silent era in the offate. Where people rather shut up than say anything, lest they have a disagreement.

Evolution taught us how to speak. Gave us intelligence to understand. It is ok if we have different perceptions, that's what helps us grow. Similarity would only lead to stagnancy!

Now I also know that there will be assholes with opinions about this blog. Go ahead guys, opinionate away!
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