Friday, July 17, 2009

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The man who dared to tickle the dragon!

He is insensitive and rude. I wish I could make him realise how much I can hurt him. Doesn't he know how to speak to a female colleague? Alright, I admit, it was my mistake. Does that give him the license to single me out and humiliate me in my very own office?

They told me to be calm about it, he handles 3 floors. But goddammit, that still does not justify his absolute disregard for courtesy and manners. He may be a senior, but I was told, in this organisation, there is no vertical hierarchy.

It has been a while since I have been this angry at an individual. I am not just trained in anger management, I can write a training guide on it. But, I can't help it. He has triggered my anger on several occasions, for several reasons and issues can't be sorted.

A) He does not smile. He always has a sullen look. Does he think this gives him an aura of authority?Can someone please tell him to go look in a mirror, he is positively hilarious and sometime, horrendous, to look at.
B)He is rude to everyone. Where I come from, come what may, any correspondence with a lady is done with utmost courtesy and respect. More so, the colleague may be a junior, but they matter to the organisation, an that is to be kept in mind at all times.
C) Last but not the least, he singles ME out. That is probably the one thing that I could let go of, if and only if, the previous two points would not stand. If a group of people are involved in a certain issue. Why single out and yell at one of them? And speak to the other at an acceptable tone.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not trying to justify my rambling. I am, indeed, justifying why a woman like me (with a completely “in control” temper) can totally “lose it” on a stupid, idiotic, irritating man.

In case you have any such person in your organisation too, please show him his place before he starts to tick you off at this level. And men, if you are at all trying to throw your weight around women, mind you, you will pay a very big price. Because, women don't hit often, but when we hit, it hurts and it hurts bad!
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Yes babes, i completely agree wid u. Every man needs to have the courtesy and be a thorough gentleman whenever he is interacting with a woman.. i also face a lot of issues at work with my manager, but just let it go. Men, u better be careful whenever interacting with any woman, coz one mistake and you have to pay a heavy price for it.