Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Buzzle-in through the month of June!!

Today, I completed a month in buzzle.com. It is a wonderful place to work. Many aspects go into me making such a statement. Firstly, my colleagues are fun, great, smart and so cool. Secondly, the organization gives me complete freedom of expression. Trust me, you have no idea how great it feels to be working in such a place. Zero aspect (before one) is that i am finally doing a job that i love. I am finally writing professionally, on a daily basis. It is too good!!

Lately, I have realized the difference in the freelancing field and the professional writing field. Although, both involve writing and both are just as much fun to do, professional writing ensures an environment that fosters more work than you house. There is a place to go to every morning and that is why the holidays are cherished so much.

What I find odd, is that after 53 edited and SEO'd articles this is my first write-up that is not optimized and not edited either. It is an alien feeling. So in case i have missed out on a punctuation mark or a sentence is seeming too long, "please forgive me, I know not what i do".

I have, for the first time, made friends at a work place. Trust me, these ladies are much more than just colleagues. We can, pretty much, count on each other blindly. We can bitch about certain someones and discuss writing blocks. We can ask each other words that "seemed to have slipped out of our mind" of double meanings of something someone may have written. In fact, we help each other work with "passion and zeal" even if we don't feel like it sometimes.

A negative aspect of working here is that i don't get to spend time with my friends the way I used to. I can't spend an entire afternoon reading a book or watching friends. I barely even spend time on facebook any more! But, I am sure I'll live through it!

My best friend got engaged this month. The feeling was of complete dilemma. She has found a man who, I know, can keep her happy and give her all that she deserves. What's more? She is getting married on the same day as my sister did 4 years back. Super! But she will be moving to mumbai after marriage. Which is the sad part of the story. There are two options for me after that- suffer from separation anxiety and go schizophrenic, or find a way to go to mumbai as well. I refuse to have any mental hassles, hence I plan on making sure I get to Destination Mumbai!!

So this seems like a good enough update for the month of June. I hope you go through my writing on buzzle. Click on the buzzle icon (its there on this page somewhere) and you will be directed to my author page. Read my stuff. It is a lot, so try to read stuff that sounds interesting to you. It is informative too, so it is a good source for research, keep in mind!

I got to go now, before my HR (whose office is right near my desk) comes and asks me to get back to work, I think that would be a little embarrassing.



i dont know what to comment... i am speechless.. :D heehee

yes chaitra.. i know you don't know what to comment.. how happy you are Ms. editor!!

Hmmm I guess that's a pretty good account of the work we do with passion and zeal here. :)
And yeah.. it was good... try your hand at writing a satire or a comedy..you will be great at it i guess..


very nice...thanks for mentioning us!

@ medha: thanks... i should try a hand at satire
@dhanya: anytime sweetie!!

Well that was a cool post..thanx for mentioning your "cool" colleagues and 53 articles!!!!well,keep it up girl.

that indeed is a good blog. N thanks so much for mentioning me as well. I'm really touched. N also very happy for u that u finally working on something u love the most... WRITE... Cheers honey.. Love ya loads.