Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Before The Night Is Over

There is this song, by Bryan Adams, "Before the night is over, we gonna get what we desire. Remember What I told ya, this could set our hearts on fire!" If you are a music lover like me, then you must be humming the song by now!

Now, think of the year. Think of it as one night! Before this night is over, have you gotten what you desire?

Thoughts, they flow like a happy, carefree river, don't they? Just give your mind five minutes of a break, and the onslaught of thoughts can weigh down your work, your logic, your faith and even your love, at times!

Coming back to where we started. Have YOU gotten what you desire before this night is over. Have you loved, lost, laughed, cried, danced, lied, said the hard truth, been confused and lost directions? Its unbelievable how little importance we give to these things. We are so stuck in the rut of things, that we tend to lose ourselves!

The year has been a whirlpool cum roller coaster. But, none of that talk now. The year shall be discussed in my new year post. As of now, we talk about the almost end of the year. What all is left? What had you planned? Who have you ignored? What work is pending? Make up for all of it. Laugh till it hurts and cry till the tears pull you into blissful sleep. Talk till you confuse your self where you started, and think about all the things that made you happy!

Let us not forget that the coming year MAY be our last! So, please don't make any resolutions, I won't. To hell with rules, eh? The world is ending anyways!

Oooh... lastly, do not drink and drive, use contraception and please, have fun! Cheers!