Sunday, October 2, 2011

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Back After a Break

Its been a while since I blogged last. By a while, I mean quite a long while. Nonetheless, I am back typing out my many thoughts in this editor and, honestly, it feels absolutely amazing.

These past few months have been amazing. I got married in an extravagance that I believed impossible for me. I always thought I would elope or have a simple chhota mota wedding ceremony. I never believed in big weddings, but them I don't think I ever believed in love either. Both found their way into my life very sneakily.

It was a long gorgeous wedding. One thing I learnt in my wedding was that not always do people remain "friends forever". A lot of people who claimed to be there for me forever, were a no-show on the most important day of my life. Anyways, it was their loss, because the food was amazing, I looked gorgeous, and to be honest, I don't think I missed their presence. I was just too busy being a happy radiating bride.

Post the wedding, Raj (my loving husband) and I left for a magical honeymoon in Thailand. The first thappa on my passport. We went off to Koh Samui and were treated like royalty, Can I be honest, the fact that there were no Indians in site was so refreshing. Not because Indians are not amazing, but because not seeing Indians really made me feel like I am away from the world I have known all my life.

More so, Thailand treated me to the best breakfast EVER!

My entire Family recently went to Karbala and Najaf. Both are places of great importance of any Shia Muslim in the world. First was Najaf, where we stayed for 3 days. Najaf is where Amir-ul-Mumeneen Ali Ibne AbiTaalib lies. His shrine is a place where I experience true peace of the mind. Second was Karbala. We stayed there for about 8 days. Karbala is the place where Hussain Ibne Ali and his family, who were killed in the War of Karbala now lie. The entire war has so much to teach, that if you truly understand the implications of the incident, no problem in life will seem big enough for you not to tackle with ease.

On return, we (Raj and I) launched our website It is a platform for youngsters to opine about news etc. Currently I am the only writer for the site, but here's hoping that there will be many more who think that their opinion matters!

So basically, life has seen a lot of twists and turns, in the direction of happiness! There is a lot more that I would want to write, but may be in my next post! Wow! I feel sooooo much lighter now ;)!!