Friday, May 13, 2011

Bosses be Crazy!!

A friend of mine was having the weekly "I hate my boss" vent when, to make her feel better, we mutually agreed that her boss surely has something up his rear! After all, there seems to be no other reason for a person to be so stuck up, and uncomfortable ALL THE TIME!!

And then a corporate plan came to my mind. Since 90% of bosses end up with discomfort enough to harass others, wouldn't it be only fare to relieve them of the said discomfort?

My suggestion, "bi-monthly colonoscopies for all bosses be made compulsory"! Let's face it, these guys (or ladies) are quite clogged up to think out of the box and give room. For best efficiency of the company, regular clog cleaning is absolutely required.

Come to think of it, these procedures will not only make the subordinates' life better (due to the absense of the proverbial shit), but it will also make the bosses feel lighter. There will be lesser toxins in thier system, which will make them less vicious to others and thier skin will glow, giving them an appearance based satisfaction and confidence to keep them in the best moods.

So there it is, my solution to corporate politics and stress: THE HIGHER THE POST, THE MORE THE REQUIREMENT FOR BI-MONTHLY COLONOSCOPIES!

You may find it shitty, but its just good business! This is where i sign off!
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I think that would be one hell of an idea for the regular "9 to 6"(where 6 and 9 can be interchanged and the company still works fine)cause there it is about making sure the seat cushion catch the cold from being exposed to the a/c too much.

But personally I think there are a few good men (including my boss/mentor/friend and in that order) who have learnt well enough to lead the way by doing the right things. And no they aren't over-enthu... just plain committed to the cause. So I hope those of you who aren't as lucky as me (hope my boss reads this and I get some brownie points :P) when you'll become bosses you'll won't repeat the ragged-juniors-turned-revengeful-seniors episode from college