Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Looking Back

Most of my friends these days are only in touch with me via facebook. I guess it is because i am too busy to go out and spend time with them.

Truth be told, I don't think it is a lack of time that is holding me back. I have good reason to believe that it is because i am far more superior to most of them.

While i know that the last sentence may have offended a few, the fact still remains that I have moved on and they haven't. I don't think it is offensive, as it is thier choice to be where they are.

People often ask me where the difference lies. I have come to realise that I was never really like them. The chilling out and hanging out was just a front for my mind to study the nuances and behavioural patterns of my peers. When I realised that I have learned all that I felt the need to, I left the "class".

So many people that i hung out with followed the same reasoning as me. Hanging out was thier way to unwind in a social atmosphere that they felt no obligation to be perfect in. It is quite refreshing an experience for those who live thier lives as per judgments of others.

Many others, who lived away from thier family chose to spend so much time "hanging out" at the same place to have a feeling of belongingness and continuity in thier lives. They ended up doing more for thier "friends" than they could ever manage to do for thier families.

That made me think. Are we all just trying to find some substance in our many activities? Were those people i hung out with truly my friends? When does the "hanging out" phase end?

Different answers for different people. Yet the questions haunt my mind, when I look back! This is where i sign off! Peace out!
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bummer, the same thing i've been wondering !

after a long time, i have come across a very matured outlook when it comes to friendship.....a good perspective.....whether people like it or not, the 'class' is never going to be permanent and stagnant. It has to move on too.....