Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Some Friendships are Weirdly Strong!

I will put this is story form!

Not so long ago, in a normal urban city lived two girls. Both busy in thier lives, unaware of each other's existance. Tiara lived on her own and was bethroted to a man who did not deserve her loyalties and love. Raine lived a carefree, sometimes wild life. She lived with her parents, and hence a rebellious streak.

By some weird twist of fate, they met, spoke and got along famously in the first meeting itself! Tiara's independant nature made Raine's carefree streak tweak. And Raine's inadverdent wisdom made Tiara's maturity stir!

Nonethless, once thier reason to meet daily was gone, they both went back into thier demanding lifestyles. They did think about each other occassionally, but never attempted to connect.

A year later, they met again. They same circumstances, but very different experiences. Tiara was bethroted no more and Raine had given up most of her wild ways. This time they chose to keep in touch even after thier schedules changed.

Being of marriagable age, both ladies were on the lookout for a match worth committing to. Tiara met Aztec at her workplace. He was charming, suave and seemingly honest. He took a fancy to her and she gave him a chance to sweep her off her feet. Raine was introduced to Aztec by thier family match maker. He seemed well read, dressed well and could make captivating conversation. She found him intriguing. But her father reigned in the interest and advised her to reject him, she obliged.

Tiara kept meeting Aztec and kept getting engulfed in his spirit. Months later, Aztec and Tiara had a serious relationship going. On the threshold on being bethroted to each other, they waited for the perfect time. Meanwhile, Aztec maintained casual contact with Raine. Not being one to sever ties, she often interacted with him virtually.

One day, Aztec asked Raine the reason for her rejection, she simply said "it didn't click for me". He prodded her further, but that's all she divulged. Finally, he asked her for another chance. She didn't answer right away. She consulted her parents, discussed the consquences and finally decided to grant him a second chance.

Raine and Aztec met over lunch, and then dinner another day. Raine found that his charm was overpowering. She told Tiara about this. Tiara asked Raine to follow her sensibilities. Raine went with logic, and decided to reject Aztec again! She never mentioned it, or even thought about it again!

A few months later, Raine met Tiara over high tea. Raine was bethroted and to be married soon. She but teased Tiara to find a loving man, or take a lover atleast. Tiara spilled the beans about Aztec, about how he betrayed her when he went to meet Raine and how he almost lied about it.

Raine was infuriated by the heinous act of Aztec's. She questioned Tiara "why did you not tell me this sooner, my dear?" Tiara replied very simply, "you spoke of him fondly, if anything were to happed, I would never dream to stand in the way!" That is when the two girls realized, they cared more about the pain that the other went through, than the betrayal they had to face themselves.

The two girls spent the rest of the evening belittling Aztec in conversation, but either vowed to never contact him in any way again!

True friendships are not made my glamour and charm. They are built on reality and surreality and last forever!
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