Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love... at Last!

Is love really what its meant to be anymore? Speaking from a neutral point of view, barring a few exceptions, love seems to have become a game. A race of sorts, isn't it?

Being an Agony Babe, I have recieved a lot of letters and questions from lost youngsters, confused adults and concerned parents. Drawing a conclusion is only easy in this case. Let's face it, people have lost the genuineness that they need.

Why is it that a girl has to be the "fairest of them all" and a guy has be the "most charming in all the land"? Why can't people appreciate the finer things about the person?

Why is it that the color of the eyes matters more than thier honesty? Why does the clearness of the face matter more than the joy reflected when seeing a loved one? Why do manicured hands matter more than a determined mind? Suddenly, why has superficial attraction overridden a genuine bond?

A lot of people say that true love doesn't exist. I would blatantly disagree. Love exists, its just our courage to fall in love that has become rare to find.

Love comes with a lot of challanges. Quit seeking cheap thrills, seek the ultimate adventure! Take a chance, fall in love!

Lots of funda, right?? Well, think it through! This is where i sign off!
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