Thursday, December 11, 2008

Humbling Experiences

Citizen's Alive organized the Pune leg of the Global Peace Walk on the 10th of December 08. As a part of the movement, it was quite amazing to witness how much the people have awakened since the 26/11 blasts. Youngsters, who earlier were considered to not care about what happens in the country, were a majority in the Rally. Many of them were seriously of the opinion that it is a now or never situation in the country. If we don't take a stand now... the change that we want to see, will never materialize.

And i agree with that sentiment. As the tag line goes " Be the Change you want to see". I think, and i disagree with my previous post, (which was just written in a state of pure anger), that it has to be a fully rounded change in the entire system, in the mindsets of the people, to the extent of various behaviors. We have to start taking onus and not just blame. We have brought ourselves to the place we are in, good and bad. And we will be the ones to take ourselves where we get. So its up to us to make sure that we get to a better place.

Why settle with worthless leadership and just complain, when we can enter the system and change it for the better. If we don't do it, who will?? Why adjust to unacceptable living situations when we can unite and improve things. It will take time. And it will take effort. But if we never start, it will never happen. So its better if we start now. Because there is not better day to start something good, than today!!

I just hope that everyone realizes this. Several drops make an ocean. 1 man can really make a difference!!


I am happy to see the response what the peace walk received, but this response also raised few questions,
that do everyone gathered there was really concerned,
will this fire always be there or to unite do we always need some bad incidence to take place....!!!
can't we be united and resist the ill,
well this fire should be like a volcano and not like the perishable aerated drinks which just flows away when the lid is open, whereas volcano is burning for centuries, we need volcanos lets prepare them...
Agree or disagree...?

i agree... but i sincerely think that this fire will keep burning... that's the point of having people sign up to volunteer and contribute... but nothing can happen without a little faith in ourselves....

keep faith yogesh... we are at the dawn of changing times!!!

I agree that nothing can happen without faith but, at the same time I feel that person whosoever signed up will they all stick to it....!!!
Secondly, I feel the feeling of doing something should not come after signing some piece of paper but it should come from with in,
We dont need mods we needs Intellects who can change/ influence the thought process, and those intellects should be Young Dynamic youth...!!!
I agree, we are at DAWN of changing times....!!!
And trust me this change will be of 360 degree changing India.
I think I sud stop it's getting a bit diplomatic and philosophical.

Nways we are gonna witness a massive change....!!

Viva Rashida
Yogesh is right - do we wait for circumstances to build up and react in anger and forget what happened or do we have sustained efforts that make all our lives meaningful?

and we should always keep our fingers at the dawn of changing times - we really do not want to see the dusk

well... cynicism is partly the reason why the change that we need hasn't materialized... thats all m sayin!!!

Yes very true!! I think we as a team have taken an extremely important and courageous step to do something about the system and how it needs to be worked.. Its high time people wake up and realize that being quiet and taking all their shit is not gonna help. Together WE CAN AND WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! Cheers!!